Saturday, May 5, 2012

My weekend so far

Hey everyone! Just felt like writing a bit about my weekend so far. Yesterday I slept in the first time in forever! But that was after I stayed up awhile with my neice taking care of my new baby nephew who I  am obsessed with! Anyway so I went to eat lunch at one of my favorite places in town called Schlotzsky's! They have the most AMAZING cracked pepper chips!! Then I went to the library in search of a new book.

Today I slept in once again! Which is a new record for me cause I normally wake up a 8:30 on the weekends! I went to workout and then went to Bahama Bucks for a strawberry daquiri shaved ice! I needed something to cheer me up because I am sort of down. You see if I had stayed in school I would be graduating college next weekend like my old classmates. I am trying to avoid thinking about the what if's but its hard when I am constantly seeing Facebook posts from people who are preparing for graduation next weekend. I know that everything happens for a reason but I can't help but admit to be a little jealous. Which I kinda hate myself for having that feeling. I know it will all work out in the end though but it just kinda sucks. Anywho, later today I am supposed to be going to a local mexican restaurant to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with some of my family. My brother and his band will be performing there (his band plays mexican music lol). The rest of the day will be spent with family! So that may be just what I need. :) How's your weekend going?

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