Wednesday, May 2, 2012

30 Day Challenge Day 4

Day 4 Favorite Foundation?

I haven't found my holy grail foundation yet but out of the ones I have tried it would have to be the original Bare Minerals! I am currently using liquid foundation and although I like it, it doesn't compare to the great light feeling of Bare Minerals. I plan on purchasing a cheaper alternative to this or maybe I will splurge and get this one day!


  1. At sally's(here, atleast) they sell a mineral brand called "femme couture" and I use their mineral foundaiton. It's defintely not bare minerals but it's a good alternative. it's like 13 bucks i think?

    1. I have been dying to go to my local sally's! I haven't been in forever. I was thinking about ordering the mineral makeup from Avon but I'm not sure. I'm afraid to be disappointed though.