Sunday, May 20, 2012

Clearance Alert!

So I just wanted to quickly let you know that Walgreens is having clearance right now on a few beauty products. I was needing a new foundation so I decided to try out the Loreal Infallible 18 hr foundation. It was on clearance for $7.49. So I went in to buy some laundry detergent that was on sale for $2.99 and I bought the foundation, I used two coupons (both $2.00 off) for loreal and ended up paying $7.01 with tax!! They had a ton of lipsticks on clearance for $4.99 (I think) so if you have some of those manufacturer coupons for loreal thats like getting a lipstick for almost free! There were other brands that had some stuff on clearance but nothing that interested me. So check your walgreens out! p.s. Have you tried this foundation? If so let me know your thoughts on it! :)

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