Sunday, May 13, 2012

Freebies! :)

Hey everyone hope you are having a great weekend! Even though it's almost over! I swear it seems like I just blink and its Monday again! Anyway I wanted to do a post about how I get things for free or nearly free! I wanted to suggest a few websites that I visit frequently to see if there are any freebies available that I am interested in.

These sites are pretty similar but once in awhile have a few different offers. It is best to try to check every day as they add new offers everyday.
A few things that I have gotten for free through these sites (more but these are all I could remember) Haha!:
  • Dove deodorant travel size
  • Dominos Artisan pizza
  • Free 32 oz drink from Stripes
  • Garnier BB cream sample

I also wanted to share a site that I found through youtube called When you go to the site you sign up (its completely free), you fill out surveys to earn badges that describe you such as a mom badge, pet owners badges, etc. Then Influenster decides if they want to send you a free box of products to review, and spread the word about through social media, whether that be a blog, youtube channel, facebook, twitter, etc. Look for a review coming soon because I was selected to recieve the spring beauty vox box! So go sign up if you are interested! Not sure how often they send out boxes but it is not monthly, it might be every 3 months, but again just cause you get one doesn't mean you will get one the next time! It's up to the company! But hey who can complain when you are getting free stuff?!

Also if you are into beauty like me you have to follow
She is always posting when there are awesome deals on stuff or freebies in beauty. For example if you saw my post on the FREE target beauty bag I got, well I found out about it through her blog! So check her out too! I personally follow her through twitter and facebook because sometimes the deals go fast so to get them quicker it's easier to see the deals on there for me.

Don't forget to also sign up for e-mails through restaurants, or stores, etc because alot of times they will send you great coupons or coupons for freebies! I signed up for emails through a restaurant called Cotton Patch and they sent me a coupon for a free entree! So tonight I ordered a meal to go and walked out of there paying NOTHING!! :) 

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a great week! Do you know of any good freebie sites or great coupon sites? Feel free to share!

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