Monday, April 2, 2012

My wishlist

I was inspired to do this from which is Emily Noel's blog! I love Emily and thought this was a fun idea. So here are a few things I am currently eyeing! But always seem to talk myself out of it! A girl can dream though :)

1. Naked 2 Price $50.00
I think the shades in this palette look so amazing! But with so many other great shadows in the drugstore for much cheaper I just can't ever justify the price. Which usually leads me to lusting over it through watching youtubers use it!

2. Butter London Polishes Price $14.00
Now being a nail polish junkie it makes it hard to resist the great looking colors. But yet again the price is a bit harsh in my opinion.

3. Deborah Lipman Polish Price $17.00
I have heard that nobody does glitter polishes like Deborah Lippmann. I have seen numerous posts with these polishes in Nail of the Day's and they always look amazing.

4.Laura Geller Balance and Brighten $31.00
I have seen this on QVC so many times and have heard so many people rave about it!

5.Anything from MAC Price: Varies
I have yet to own any mac product. For starters I don't live near a mac counter, so I can't find out what shade I am in there foundation. But thier products look beautiful.

6.Sigma Brush Set Price 89.00 +
I think this is the item that I want the most out of everything. I do not own a really great brush set and have heard great things about Sigma. Plus it doesn't hurt that they come in pink!


  1. Our lists have many of the same items! I found a really good deal at Ulta the other day for the Butter London polishes though. For like $36 I think it was, you got the base coat, top coat, and any polish of your choice. That is still a little pricey, but you get a pretty good value because they are all full size. The polishes are so good, but I have to limit myself due to cost. I also love the Deborah Lipmann glitters, but again, I can't buy those often.

    1. Wow that sounds like a good deal! Everytime I see a good deal one butter london I am broke! haha.