Saturday, March 31, 2012

Recent Haul!!

Throughout this month I have done a bit of shopping and here are some goodies I got! All non makeup related!
I got these from Target and they were on clearance for 7.48! I loved the jewels at the top and at that price I couldn't pass them up! The only downside is that the back gave me a blister at the back of my foot! But hopefully after I wear them a couple of times I can break them in!

These I found also at Target! They are super comfy and were 16.99.
These are from Rue 21 and are kind of like a knock off TOMS. They are comfy too but the bottoms are kind of slick when you walking. Price 16.99-18.99
Ok so this is the last pair of shoes haha! I didn't realize it was more of a shoe haul! So obviously I am a total flats girl! I love the look of heels but I just can't handle them for more than 5 minutes! So anyway these are so adorable I love the color and the cute little bow on them. I got these at Ross or Tjmaxx. I think for under 20.00.
I have been into what I call edgy jewelry lately! So when I saw that necklace I had to have it! I got it from Charming Charlies for under 20.00 (it also came with a matching pair of earrings which look exactly like the necklace), the white pyramid bracelet is from Forever 21, I ordered this from their site and I believe it was 5.50. The bracelet on top was such a steal I got it at Goodwill for 99CENTS!! haha. I am a firm believer of thrifting, so if you have never been you are missing out!!

Hope you liked my stuff! Have a great day :) And thanks for reading!!


  1. I looove everything!! Wonderful finds!

  2. Just my humble opinion, but do NOT wear that necklace and matching earrings at the same time. They are too much of statement pieces and would seem too matchy matchy. Do you know what I mean?

    They would be the center of an outfit worn separately, but I would NEVER EVER put them together. Just a suggestion, of course.

    By the way, I loooooove to thrift, especially jewelry.

    Incredible (shoe) haul!

  3. Thanks for your tip Lisa! I have worn the necklace alone and the earrings alone! I agree that it would be way too much going on if I wore both together! :) Thanks for your opinion though!