Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Products I regret buying

Today I am going to share a few products that I regret buying. I know a lot of stores will take beauty items back but I am usually horrible with receipts! I am trying to be better but anyways now to the complete fails (in my opinion).

Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail polish

I got the glitter fever just like alot of people out there! lol When I saw that Sally Hansen came out with new glitter polishes I wanted to get my hands on them! Well thankfully I only bought one! After applying two coats this felt so thick and heavy on my nails, to the point where I got an intense need to get it off IMMEDIATELY!! Then this was a NIGHTMARE to get off!! And I tried the tricks that everyone recommends to remove glittter polish more easily and it only minimally helped.

Covergirl Country Woods eyeshadow quad

When I bought this I had a covergirl trio which I love so I bought this. Thankfully I bought it with an awesome coupon so I pretty much got it for free. I was so dissappointed in the pigmentation of this quad. The color payoff for all four colors is terrible. Granted perhaps it is my skin tone that throws the color payoff off but that should be no excuse. In my opinion these shades are not buildable what so ever!

Suave Keratin Dry Shampoo
Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo
Now to be fair this dry shampoo does its job but the reason I regret buying it is for the smell!!! Some people either love the smell or hate it! To me it smells way to strong almost like a cheap perfume smell. Its hard to describe but just way to strong for my liking.

Covergirl Lipstick in Sultry

As I get more and more into makeup I have come to realize I just dont care for Covergirl as much. I haven't tried anything from them recently that I absolutely love. This makes me kind of sad cause I used to love them! Anyway my main complaint with this lipstick is the smell/ taste. I think if I am going to put something on my lips I want it to have either no smell or taste or a pleasant scent and nice taste. So if you happen to lick your lips or some of it gets into your mouth the taste is like plastic/ chemical -like. Needless to say this lipstick is collecting dust!

Hope this gave you a little insight into some products you were possibly thinking of purchasing! What products were total fails for you?

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