Sunday, April 10, 2011

3 great products!

Hey everyone this time I have a few products to rave about. I thought I would share them with you here just cause it's always fun or interesting to know what everyones using.

I have been using the Befine Night Creme with cocoa, millet, and rice bran ever since I received it in my birchbox. I am still using my sample but I love it and have used it every night since I got it last month. I put it on before bed and it just makes my face feel clean and refreshed. It also smells great, it smells like sopapillas to me. Haha. Which is a plus in my book. :)

I also have been using Loreals acitve daily moisture lotion for my face. I bought this months ago and I still have quiet a bit left. Even after using it every morning! So this product lasts and lasts!! I put it on after I use my facewash in the morning. It has a pleasant smell and leaves my face moisturized all day long.

I just bought TRESemme's heat tamer spray last month and use it everytime I am going to use any heat towards styling my hair. I was always guilty of not using a heat protectant on my hair before I styled my hair. But now that I found this I can't believe I did that. I first heard about it through missglamourazzi's videos on youtube and she kept saying how she loved it so I decided to try it. I love the smell of it and have noticed a difference in my hair since I've been using this product.

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  1. i used to like the tresemme heat protectant but i feel it makes my hair a little dry